Policy of the Terminal KMS of LNG Manzanillo

We are a Terminal dedicated to the Reception, Storage, Regasification and Shipping of natural gas where senior management, employees, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and service providers are committed to:

  • The satisfaction of relevant interested parties.

  • Hazard identification and accident prevention.

  • The prioritization and control of associated risks.

  • Protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and environmental impacts.

Through correct quality management in processes, control of significant environmental aspects and compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements. We also incorporate continuous improvement at all times with the aim of remaining a profitable and competitive Terminal.

Environment Friendly Design

  1. Construction of the pier and jetty facilities mitigating any affectation to the Cuyutlan Lagoon’s ecosystem and providing access of LNG vessels up to 216,000 m3 safely and maintaining stability against harsh maritime conditions such as strong wind or high tides.
  2. Applying synergy water system with a nearby power plant to enhance efficiency of energy source, reducing the use of sea water for the regasification process.
  3. Preserving the natural scenery condition by minimizing affectation on the mangrove (20m X 20 m) on the jetty area and reforesting 40ha of mangrove in the Cuyutlan’s lagoon.
  4. Maximizing the security of the terminal by installing sophisticated DCS and monitoring system, modern gas and flame detecting system as well as firefighting system.
  5. Reinforcing seismic design for the LNG storage tanks and all facilities of the terminal, full containment type design to secure efficient and safe storage and handling of LNG.


    • Quality Managment System ISO 9001-2015
    • Clean Industry
  • Environmental Managment System ISO 14001-2015
  • Safe Industry
  • ISPS Code International Ship and Port Facility